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  Welcome to Ravika Instruments
     Providing complete solution to pressure and vacuum measurement and calibration

Ravika Instruments', with its in-house manufacturing range from last 5 decades, offers customers complete, comprehensive and absolute “Calibration Lab Packages”.

Our wide range of products include Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Testers, Dead Weight Vacuum Gauge Testers, Comparison Test Pumps for Pressure, Comparison Test Pumps for Vacuum and Master Dial Pressure / Vacuum Gauges.

  Our Vision
"Meeting the new challenges we're faced with every day requires innovative thinking, determination, the ability to recognize new opportunities, and a willingness to develop new solutions.
No less important is closeknit teamwork at every level of our operation and with our customers."

  Our Benefits
  ‘RAVIKA’ Dead Weight Tester forms a primary standard of pressure measurement.

  ‘RAVIKA’ provides traceability to National Physical Laboratory which allows customer the facility of ‘in-house’ calibration.
  Re-calibration facility / service by ‘RAVIKA INSTRUMENTS’.


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