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‘Ravika Instruments' – Incepted in 1970, is a New Delhi based Engineering Industry. It has earned the distinction of being the pioneer and therefore, the most trusted brand in manufacturing pressure and vacuum measuring and calibrating instruments. Thanks to the kind patronage and confidence bestowed by our esteemed clients. For over 50 memorable years, we have our fingers deftly placed on the pulse of the Engineering & Process Industry and we look forward to continue our endeavour to serve the Indian subcontinent with the same commitment and dedication in future too.

‘Ravika Instruments', with its in-house manufacturing range, offers customers complete, comprehensive and absolute “Calibration Lab Packages”. Our wide range of products include Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Testers, Dead Weight Vacuum Gauge Testers, Comparison Test Pumps for Pressure, Comparison Test Pumps for Vacuum and Master Dial Pressure / Vacuum Gauges. Calibration is done against Master Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester and Master Dial Pressure / Vacuum Gauges. Our instruments are backed by test certificates traceable to National Standards to meet the requirements of ISO 9000, QS 14000 and other Inspection Agencies. All our Master instruments including Dead Weight Tester and Master Gauges are certified and characterized by National Physical Laboratary, New Delhi .

The driving force of the company is its Founder Chairman and Managing Director – a thorough-bred dedicated ‘Instrument Professional' (possessing over 50 years of experience in the sphere of instrumentation) supported by an able – bodied, well – trained work-force to meet customers' needs and requirements with ease and expertise. Today, the company has achieved stupendous heights in the field of pressure & vacuum standards. In a nutshell, the company has become a name to reckon with, across the length and breadth of the nation in the field of instrumentation – A name that people have always trusted and relied upon.

The ‘Ravika Instruments' Product range meets the needs of any industry where pressure and vacuum are critical parameters to monitor and master. With the aforesaid capability and product range, we are recognized and patronized by all leading consultants and project executants. Our customer list reads like a “who's who” of Indian Industry encompassing a wide gamut of organizations viz. Refinery & Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power Generation, Automobile, Aerospace, Gas, Pipeline manufacturing, Chemicals, Synthetics, Breweries & Distillleries, Cement, Ceramics, Food & Drug, Paper, Glass, Metal, Sugar, Textile and other Process Industry sectors, Defence Organisations, Laboratories & Institutes, just to name a few.

‘Ravika Instruments', pioneering and expanding on their technical expertise on portable (table model) calibrators for both pressure and vacuum has developed Comprehensive Calibration Work Stations / Test Benches for pressure and vacuum in modular designs and over the past five decades have graduated several fold both in terms of technical expertise and quality control. Our portfolio includes providing complete solutions for laboratory, workshop, field and production line applications in pressure and vacuum measurement and calibration.

At ‘Ravika Instruments', quality is the hallmark of our success, an obsession, and this spirit to provide quality products has given us a cutting edge. Ravika, in their unending quest for innovation, continue to work on meeting the demands of the Indian Industry both from ‘Quality' and ‘Economy' aspect.

‘RAVIKA INSTRUMENTS', thus is a progressive, formidable, powerful combination of experience, expertise, innovation, infrastructure, proficiency, unsurpassed business acumen and effective leadership. It has attained a conspicuous place for itself in the realm of industrial instrumentation and consistently strives towards scaling new heights in the global arena.

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