Complete solution to pressure and vacuum              
measurement and calibration              

Our Benefits

‘RAVIKA INSTRUMENTS', thus is a progressive, formidable, powerful combination of experience, expertise, innovation, infrastructure, proficiency, unsurpassed business acumen and effective leadership. It has attained a conspicuous place for itself in the realm of industrial instrumentation and consistently strives towards scaling new heights in the global arena.

Our Benefits

‘RAVIKA’ Dead Weight Tester is working on the basic principle of physics, P = F/A and thus is used as a ‘Primary Measurement Standard’.


‘RAVIKA’ provides traceability to National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi.


Our certification allows the customer, facility of ‘in-house’ calibration thus eliminating dependence on external calibration agency for calibration of gauges.


Re-calibration / Servicing facility is easily available at our works which eliminates the hassle of periodic servicing / calibration of Master Dead Weight Tester.


‘RAVIKA’ calibration procedure is acceptable to all ISO auditors and third party inspection agencies.


Use of ‘RAVIKA’ Dead Weight Tester eliminates errors occurring due to periodic change in the characteristic features of elastic members like helical coil and bourdon tube as in a dial gauge.


Authorised dealers / selling partners available in almost all states of the country.


Customer faith in the quality of our product for over half a century makes us the most trusted brand in the field of pressure / vacuum measurement.

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